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I teach both field workshops, small strobe lighting classes and computer classes. Below are my current workshops. I am continuously adding new ones, so bookmark this page. If you are interested in private mentoring, please send me an email request.

One of my passions is using off-camera flash lighting techniques to create beautiful light both on location and in the studio. I run a Meetup group dedicated to it. Check it out at www.meetup.com/off-camera-flash

Photographing the Sturgeon Moon
Full Moon Workshop
San Francisco • evening class, approx. 3 hours•
Dates: Aug 13, Sept 11&12, Oct 11&12, Nov 9&10, Dec 9&10

There are many ways to create a great moon photograph, but a full moon is one of the most visually arresting and unique.

Learn how to balance your moon exposure with the rest of your composition. I will share my secrets on how to get a big moon, how to calculate the best locations and prepare for your own future full moon photo shoots.

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