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Australian-born photographer Christine Krieg has travel running through her veins. Infected with the "travel bug" while flying over the Amazon rainforest, she has since photographed in thirty-four countries and lived in ten of them. Travel, lifestyle and food are her specialty, but her work covers many genres including portraiture, architecture and life events. Her work has been published in Mexico and the US.

Christine loves to share her passion for photography and this beautiful world. When not traveling, she teaches workshops and classes, leads photo walks through Meetup and exhibits her work in galleries and businesses throughout the city. She believes that everyone is creative. This belief led her to practical hands-on teaching. Her aim is to inspire her students -  to discover, claim and build on their own unique creativity and use photography as one of their tools to do so.

The San Francisco Bay Area is her home, but she continues to be available for assignments world-wide. All of her images can be  licensed or purchased and shipped anywhere on the planet. Send an email to christine@cksworld.com and let her know what you'd like to see hanging on your wall.

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